About Us

We are the brand that makes brands famous.

OK, well, that might be a *~slight~* exaggeration, but we make it our mission to try.


At Wagner Perspective we help creative small businesses in Tucson (& beyond) build their reputation in Tucson (& beyond) and keep up with the ever-changing world of social media.


We work directly with your marketing manager, or founder to elevate your brand’s social media presence by optimizing every platform through proven strategy and pointed tactics.


Simply put: We think about the stuff that you won’t, to help elevate your brand to a place that you can’t.
OK, well, you definitely could, but let’s be real…it’s kind of a lot, & you have more important things to work on!


At Wagner Perspective we believe that your brand can succeed, but we provide honest expectations of how to get you there—no sugar coating, no bullsh*t!


Avery is a multifaceted young professional with a modern approach to entrepreneurship. She’s a lot. But she’s fun.

She was in the 8th grade when Myspace broke the internet…so social media is basically in her blood.
She’s got a Bachelors in Communication from the University of Arizona, and has worked with brands big, small and everything in between.


Avery is irreverent but professional. She knows her sh*t.
An organized chaos – vibrant, smart, hard working, and always a good time. 

Avery knows the reality of what it takes to be successful online.



Kelli Kehler

Kelli Kehler is a writer, editor, and book project manager. She started her career in journalism and later spent six years working for beloved interior design blog, Design*Sponge. She managed production of New York Times bestselling book In the Company of Women and Collective Wisdom, was Senior Editor of Good Company Magazine, was Editorial Manager of The Blog by Jasmine Roth and co-wrote the book House Story. Kelli currently works on books in various capacities, from project management to ghostwriting, across a myriad topics. She lives in Laguna Beach, California with her husband and two daughters. Find her on Instagram @kellikehler



Caitlin Kelch

Caitlin Kelch is a digital media tour de force, adding value in the areas of growth strategy, web design and development, SEO optimization, e-commerce and email marketing. A veteran of television, design and shelter online publications, she most recently served as the Relationship & Brand Director at Design*Sponge. She began her career at Bloomberg L.P., where she built Bloomberg TV & Radio from the ground up while in the role of Operations Manager, Media Division. Caitlin directed and production managed The Charlie Rose Show for Bloomberg. She dreams in spreadsheet form and derives great pleasure from helping Wagner Perspective clients grow their businesses beyond their wildest dreams.