The Biggest Social Media Secret

*Before we come out and tell you the biggest social media secret, we’d like to preface this blog post by saying that here at Wagner Perspective, we pride ourselves on being blunt, honest, and quite possibly a little TOO bold in our conviction. But we always promise to give you a completely un-sugar-coated point of view… whether or not that’s what you want to hear. We will let you decide.*

So, we are coming at you with some hard-hitting FACTS right now. Or perhaps an industry secret that no one is really talking about. Not 100% sure which one it is… maybe a combo pack of both. Here it is… are you ready? 


Please do us all a favor, and read that shit again.

Okay, fine. Maybe they aren’t all spending A LOT of money on social media. But they absolutely are spending SOME money on their social if they are killing it in the space. 

We get it: IG is a free platform. And so is Facebook, and Twitter, and Pinterest, and TikTok… shall we go on? Yes, the platforms are free, but that doesn’t mean that content just magically happens to appear across all of those platforms. 

There’s work involved. Like, a lot of it. 

And if you are in the content creation space, you already know everything we are about to say. 

But if you are a small business looking to invest in 2022 and think that “You don’t need to spend any money on social media… it’s a free platform, so I don’t need to spend”… Think again.

There are many different ways that you can spend on social, and you don’t have to spend $$$$ on everything. 

This can absolutely be an a la carte situation where you pick and choose what works best for you and your brand. But if you want to step up your game in 2022, kicking in a few dollars to the social media cause is not going to hurt ya.

Here are a couple of places successful brands spend $$ on social. 

1. They pay an in-house social media manager to work magic. Yeah — this is a full-time position that someone is being PAID to do. In fact, sometimes there are multiple positions within a company. That shit ain’t free. 

2. They hire a photographer to shoot beautifully curated, branded content that can be used across platforms for months and months. 

3. They hire a videographer. If you don’t know it by now, let us remind you again: video is IMPORTANT moving into 2022. If you want it done right, hire a professional. 

4. They pay talented graphic designers to curate striking and eye-catching imagery to stop the scroll 

5. They spend money on necessary apps! Lightroom, Inshot, Canva, VSCO, just to name a few. You can of course download the free version, but if you want to level up… it’s time to spend. 

6. They download digital tutorials to learn how to take their social game to the next level. (Stay tuned…ours are coming soon!)

7. They hire out an external team – like this one! And throw that team on a monthly retainer! 

Those are just a few ways money is being spent on social media… believe us, there are many more. But we are here to tell you the cold, hard truth. The reality is, if you want to level up on social in 2022, you are going to need to budget for it. 

And that’s just the Wagner Perspective!

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